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You can find out more about the Baptist Church by visiting the Baptist Union Website at this link.

A brief history of DBC

Dormansland Baptist Church was founded in 1792 when a poor man was converted to Christianity and became aware of a lack of solid Biblical teaching in the village. He opened his cottage as a meeting place for prayer and as numbers grew, believers were baptised in the local brook. Shortly afterwards, a small building was erected next to the poor man’s cottage. We are still on that site but in a building that was constructed in 1817. DBC remains the only free church in the Dormansland area.


What is the “Baptist Church”?

The Baptist Church has a rich and inspiring history. It has often played a pioneering role amongst the Christian denominations.

Their name stems from the belief that only those who are old enough to make a commitment of faith should be baptised.

Five Core Values

In 1998 a report detailing five core values that the Baptist Church felt are the basis for a Christian life. They are:

• A Prophetic Community
• An Inclusive Community
• A Sacrificial Community
• A Missionary Community
• A Worshipping Community


The first Baptist Church in Great Britain opened in 1612 in Spitalfields, London. Thomas Helwys, a founder of the Baptist denomination, published "A Short declaration of the mystery of iniquity", one of the first books to call for religious liberty. In the 17th century Baptists refused to conform and be members of the Church of England, arguing that Christ, and not the King (or Queen) was head of the church and were persecuted for their beliefs.

It was tough to be a Baptist until in 1689 the Act of Toleration was passed.

In 1792 William Carey started the Baptist Missionary Society taking the gospel all over the world. Perhaps the most famous Baptist was C.H. Spurgeon who held congregations spellbound with his preaching in the latter half of the 19th century.

The present Baptist Union was formed in 1891.

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