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Alpha Courses

Alpha Courses around Dormansland

The churches in Dormansland (us and St John’s parish church) run Alpha courses on a regular basis throughout the year. If you’re interested in finding out more about the next one we are going to run, please get in touch using the contact details at the top of this and every page.

As well as this course, some of the other churches in the area also run courses at different times of the year. Please get in touch with them to find out the exact dates and times.

What is an Alpha course?

Over 2 million people in the UK and 13 million worldwide have now attended an Alpha course, running in tens of thousands of churches of all denominations across the world. It’s an opportunity to explore the meaning of life.

Alpha is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed setting over ten thought-provoking weekly sessions, with a day or weekend away. Each week we share a meal and discussion.

Click on this link to go to the Alpha website.

Some quotes about Alpha

“What Alpha offers, and what is attracting thousands of people, is permission, rare in secular culture, to discuss the big questions - life and death and their meaning." - The Guardian, London

“What distinguishes Alpha from other initiatives is the easy-going, relaxed feel of the proceedings - that, and its astonishing success." - The Times, London

“Many claim Alpha has changed their lives and appear genuinely happier for the experience." - Time Magazine

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